Mual-Tar the Thunder Serpent

Lord of Chaos


Before the gods there were primordials, beings of birthed of the Elemental Chaos as it was created. Once they ruled, but the gods fought them and killed or bound them. One such being was Mual-Tar, the Thunder Serpent and today’s article explores this bound primordial’s history and those who are dedicated to it. Bound by chains to a rock floating in the Elemental Chaos by Moradin, Pelor, and Bahamut, one of its five chains has already broken. Will the others continue to hold it fast? Five cults who revere the Thunder Serpent and seek to break those remaning chains are presented but there the similarity ends.

Imagine the most horrifying monstrosity your mind can conceive, a being of raw element, given chaotic and everchanging form. Now make it worse, a being so mighty that even a god would not dare to face it alone. These were the primordials of the Dawn War.

Just as the gods appeared in the Astral Sea at the birth of the universe, so the primordials appeared in the Elemental Chaos when it was first formed. In that first age, they were glorious and terrible in their power, birthing the great titans with the merest shrug of effort and starting to shape a world from out of the chaos.

Mual-Tar the Thunder Serpent

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